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The Power of Physical Activity


We begin this blog by linking you to the best science there is regarding Exercise as Medicine.  What better place to start than this article by the American College of Sports Medicine, presenting Physical Activity as a prescription for health!  To check out the article, click or copy and paste onto your browser, the following URL:


We understand that you may be looking for the Physical Activity Guidelines for Filipinos on our website.  There was one such, published in the HealthBeat, the official publication of the Philippines’ Department of Health in 2010, but is pretty much a local adaptation of the old Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, created by the Department of Health & Human Services, USA. The 2nd Edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines (2018) for Americans is way more comprehensive and recommendations are based on solid evidence.


It is our goal to collaborate with existing sports or physical activity organizations around the country to come up with more local evidence-based Physical Activity Guidelines for Filipinos so that this information can be safely used by physicians, professors in the academe, and sports and fitness trainers to help Filipino patients, students, and clients or athletes alike, achieve their personal fitness goals and optimize their health in the process.  So here’s to a bright future with our very own Physical Activity Association!